Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Best Camp Hair Competition

While we're out at field camps, we're not able to shower. This means that, after several days in the field, people's hair get really dirty and greasy. This is what we call having "camp hair." Some people take pride in their great camp hair! However, there is some argument about who has the best camp hair in Taylor Valley. So, I'm going to leave it up to everyone reading my blog to decide who has the best camp hair. I'm calling for a vote! Review the photos below of our three "camp hair" contestants, and send in your vote! Anyone reading this is welcome to vote, and can do so by sending an email with your choice to me.

Our contestants are:

Festively dressed, Mike is sporting his favorite "spiked" camp hair-do. He masters this look using sweat, sunblock, and anything else that happens to be on his hands when he runs them through his hair. In the field, Mike's hair just defies gravity every single day. In the photo, he has been in the field for 5 days straight.

Elizabeth is featuring the "windswept" look. While the front of her hair has been flattened by hours of lying under a hat, don't let that fool you! The back of her head is 4 inches taller than the rest of her! Elizabeth's all-natural camp hair is achieved with no additive ingredients. In the photo, she is on day seven in the field.

Nate:Nate's hairdo is what we call the "twisted" look. Nate's naturally curly hair is enhanced by weeks upon weeks in the field, as Lake Fryxell is his permanent home during the entire field season. Weekly camp showers at Lake Hoare can't keep Nate's hair subdued! See how happy he is to have good camp hair?

So, now you've met your contestants. May the voting begin! Click here to send an email voting for the person you think has the best camp hair. The winner will be announced once the voting dies down. Thanks for playing!