Sunday, February 1, 2009

We're Done!

Well, the field season is officially over! We have closed up the lab. We have shipped all of our samples. We've packed up our belongings. There's no more work to be done! Tomorrow we will fly back to Christchurch, New Zealand.

Tonight, we have to pack up our luggage and turn it over to the crew that will load the C-17. This is lovingly called "bag drag", because it involves dragging our orange bags up the hill to the transport building. There, everything is weighed (including us!), and our luggage is put on pallets to load onto the aircraft when it arrives. Tomorrow we will go back to the building with our carry-on luggage to be transported to the ice runway where we'll meet the C-17. It's a day full of waiting!

The last piece of business I had here at McMurdo was to show my new Wubble friend around town. The Wubble is visiting from Thetford Elementary School in Vermont. He learned a lot about Antarctica while he was here. I also learned a few things about Wubbles. I learned that Wubbles do not like wind! He had a hard time standing up for the photo... :)

Ok, it's time for bag drag! Keep your fingers crossed that weather and mechanics cooperate, and I make it back to Christchurch in good time!