Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2nd Annual Camp Hair Contest

It is time for the Second Annual McMurdo Field Camp Hair Contest!

The water restrictions in the dry valleys means that we are not able to shower or wash our hair while we're out at field camps. That means that people's hair gets very dirty and oily, which of course leads to some very fabulous hair-do's! This is what we call having "camp hair." Having great camp hair is a matter of pride, and the person with the best camp hair is honored throughout McMurdo. So, once again, I'm going to leave it up to everyone reading my blog to decide who has the best camp hair for the 2008-09 field season. Review the photos below of our "camp hair" contestants, and send in your vote! Anyone reading this is welcome to vote, and can do so by sending an email with your choice to me.

Let's meet this year's contestants!

Elizabeth:Returning champion Elizabeth is once again demonstrating her all-natural, gravity-defying camp hairdo. While the front of her hair has been flattened by hours of lying under a hat, don't let that fool you! The back of her head is 4 inches taller than the rest of her! Photo taken after 5 days in the field.

Katie:Recent Dartmouth graduate Katie is featuring the Cindy Loo Who look. The dry air can't keep her hair down, oh no. This springy look comes after 5 days in the field under the influence of wind, sunblock, and home-made wool hats.

With only 3 camp-showers over the course of his 40-day field stint, stream-team member Corey's hair has been dirtied, wind-blown and pelted by sand particles. Much like this ventifact. Coupling his hairdo with a savage beard, Corey presents a look that is hard for our other gals to match.

Breana:This wormherder postdoc's look just screams "Troll Doll". Breana does not need multiple days without a shower to master this fine look. On Day 1 in the field, this is her hair's reaction to a mere few hours of being trapped under a hat. When her hair is released from under her hat, watch out!

There they are: the 2008-09 season's Best Camp Hair contestants. May the voting begin! The champion Camp Hair will be declared a week from today.
After a full day of weather delays on Saturday (and our wonderful luau), we finally made it back out to F6 on Lake Fryxell. However, the bad weather took out our internet! We finally had IT guys come in today to fix it, so we've been reconnected with the outside world.

We've been busy with lots of field work for the past several days. But, it's been very cold! I'll catch you up on all of our work since we lost connection over the next few days. Right now, it's time for a hot drink and some dinner!