Monday, January 21, 2013

Research at WAIS Divide

Here are some great videos that explain some research being done in Antarctica at WAIS Divide, one of the remote field camps at the point where the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) divides from the East Antarctic Ice Sheet.

Ancient Ice: Studying ice in Antarctica tells us about the planet's climate history. Understanding what our climate has done in the past will help us predict what will happen in the future. This video tells you how scientists study the Earth's climate history from the ice at WAIS Divide.

Life on the Ice: Learn about the experience lived by the scientists at WAIS Divide and the reason they're living on the edge to do this research.

Modeling Our Future Climate: What happens with all of that data they collect at WAIS Divide? It gets used in making climate models to predict our planet's future. This video tells you what happens to the ice cores once they get back to the scientists' labs in the U.S.