Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ship Relief

It has been a busy time on base these past few days. We have a big ship in port, called the James Clark Ross.
This ship brings in relief supplies for the base, including loads of food, barrels of fuel, and science equipment. It’s the main way that most cargo gets to base from the UK, since the planes can’t carry a lot at once.

Unloading all the cargo is a big job! There is now constant traffic of cranes and tractors moving cargo containers around base, and most people have been pulled away from their regular duties to help. 
The wharf is busy with unloading the ship ("ship relief", as it's called), so we can’t use the small boats to get to our remaining field site. Since we can’t do our sampling, we pitch in to help unload. Over the past couple of days, I have moved a LOT of food from the shipping containers into the storage rooms and freezers around base. It has been quite a workout for my arm muscles!

Hopefully, the ship will be unloaded and away from the wharf on Wednesday, so that we can get to our final field site.